There are so many ways to help with the ongoing battle against polluting this fabulous planet. Whether it’s cutting down on plastics, using less energy/water, reducing the amount of waste or giving biodiversity a helping hand!


It’s great to see how much waste is recycled nowadays compared to say 10/15 years ago. Leeds Festival operates a brilliant recycling system where you can hand in any broken tents, camping chairs etc. at one of their recycling points. Charities benefit too, as any camping equipment that is found to be in full working order will be passed across to them to sell on. Far better than the items ending up in Landfill! Hats off to Leeds Festival as they are very inspiring!

Green Tourism is an organisation encouraging businesses to review their recycling policies by operating a 3-tier certification scheme. Dependent upon the level of green procedures you have in place (and whether they are up to the Green Tourism standard!), you can achieve a bronze, silver or gold certificate. Once you have obtained your certificate, Green Tourism continue to annually monitor the standard along with any additional environmentally friendly procedures you may put in place. It’s a good way of keeping up-to-date with any new environmental issues whilst ensuring your business continues to make improvements.


Here at Bedroam we are continually looking at ways we can reduce our impact on the environment. We have put numerous recycling systems in place but there is always more you can do! To help with the ongoing reduction in waste, we have a recycling bin in place to encourage guests to join us in our quest to be greener. The shampoo/shower gel we provide has not been tested on animals and the bottles are recyclable. Rather than providing our guests with bottled water, we now have a water dispenser in place helping further reduce the amount of plastic we use. Solid cutlery is available for our guests to use instead of disposable plastic ones. From an energy point of view a wind turbine could be the way forward and/or possibly using solar panels. We will be looking into this over the next five years. Who knows, there may be another option or two to choose from by then? We continually review the ways in which we can improve our recycling procedures to see if there are more sustainable markets out there that we can use.


We have a fabulous opportunity to encourage biodiversity in our woodland. We already have some amazing wildlife and are looking for specific plants to add to attract more bees and butterflies to the site. There are quite a few specialist meadow mixes available nowadays. You don’t need a large area of land to make a difference to wildlife!

Staycations are becoming more and more popular and another great way to reduce your carbon footprint! Bedroam uses local suppliers and tradesman and our guests also help reduce their own carbon footprint as any amenities/activities they may wish to experience are all on Bedroams doorstep!

We can all make changes so come on let’s make a start today!