Here at Bedroam we are always looking for ways of improving our guests experience. We wanted to provide an alternative to the trusty BBQ for outdoor cooking. We are delighted to be able to offer guests use of the fabulous Roccbox pizza oven by Gozney which complements our own brand very nicely. Like Bedroam, it’s stylish, efficient and something just ‘a little bit different’ for you and your close friends to enjoy. A truly unique experience.


Grill, bake, cook... you name it, the Roccbox can do it. From the obvious all-time favourite pizza, to dishes such as T-Bone steak, chargrilled vegetables, spicy buffalo wings, one tray breakfasts, spatchcock chicken and jacket potatoes. The list just goes on and on. It’s simply an all-rounder!

It takes just 60 seconds to bake a pizza and there is very little mess. Quick, tidy, and easy to use; just what you need when relaxing at our Bedroam woodland site! Whether you’re a budding chef or just wanting to enhance your cooking skills, the Roccbox pizza oven is a fun way to produce great tasting food for everyone. You could even add ‘making your own pizza’ to the list of activities for you and your guests to do. It’s a great way to bond, team build and most importantly have fun! We can’t wait to hear all the great feedback about this special oven.

Bring on the summer!