What an eventful year 2018 has been! As usual there have been ups and downs but overall Bedroam has been achieving great things. Looking back with a smile we have met some great characters, partnered with some excellent companies and enjoyed our busiest year to date. On a personal level I am immensely proud of my team around me. Every year the standard gets higher and without them it just would not be possible.

What happened in 2018

The year started off as we meant to go on with our opening month fully booked. There were a few new structural additions to the site including ‘The Bus Stop’ which provides shelter from the elements while our guests either gather round the firepit, the outside bar or take a dip in a hot tub! Thanks to the shelter we now literally have you covered. It’s been a winner with everyone so far!

In terms of partnerships, we have enjoyed successful events with Erik Aaron and as always, the amazing puzzle master himself Andrew Middleton. It’s great that we can now offer our guests onsite activities including Clay Pigeon Shooting, Archery, Bushcraft and Treasures Hunts.

Helping on the booking side of the business, we partnered up with Booking.com who have given us even more exposure to potential customers.

We have been very lucky with the great British weather and hosted a fabulous summer wedding as well some new corporate group weekends. The unusually great summer even meant we managed to squeeze in a mini-music festival supported by the best brass brand around, Tin Soldiers.

The finale to the year was a New Year’s Eve Party held at a manor house in the local area. Bedroam provided accommodation for some of the guests who had travelled from around the country. The house was full to the brim but thankfully Bedroam was there to step in. The party was simply amazing, and everyone will remember it for years to come.


The Highlight

Bedroam was captured in its full glory by the amazing Allan Scott who created our first promotional video. Myself and the team created lists of ideas for how things might work and what our vision should look like. With lots of planning and consideration things slowly came together. As normal the weather was a concern as we were heading towards Autumn but it all worked out well and the result was something we are all very proud of. Thanks again to everyone involved.

Strategy for 2019

My goal remains the same and I am more focused than ever. I want to keep providing a unique glamping experience that stands out and improves year upon year. There are so many more ideas to bring to fruition, so fingers crossed I will get everything done. Work is well under way for the next exciting addition so here’s to another productive year. It’s going to be the best yet!