Throughout most of the year, our Bedroam bus is situated in our wonderful private woodland. This idyllic site provides our guests with the space and freedom to bring chosen activities to the site itself.

Our latest guests hired local experienced outdoor teacher Andrew Middleton of Wild Country Walkabouts to run some fun bush craft activities for the group.


Starting with a problem solving task, the team were paired off, tied up with rope and had to solve the rope puzzle in order to set them free. Next up was the woodland treasure hunt searching for clues throughout the wood using a map. The winning team then had to lead everyone to the buried treasure and share their spoils (quite possibly alcohol related!). Then on to gathering kindling and firewood to build and maintain a small fire. This enabled them to race against the others, to be the first to present Andrew with a perfectly toasted marshmallow (Golden brown, texture like sun!).


Finally, working together as one group, they had to rescue a bottle of bubbly from a tree working with limited resources against the clock. This generated much excitement and eventually joy as they achieved their task! The session was a success and Andrew gave some great feedback:

The Bedroam site proved to be a fantastic venue for the activities, one I would be delighted to use again. The group were a joy to work with. Working with groups like this one is always a pleasure and reminds me why I choose to do this kind of work. I know the group were delighted that Ollie was supportive of me coming onto site to provide them with activities, rather than them having to travel elsewhere.
— Andrew Middleton

Based on the outskirts of York, Bedroam is the perfect site for Hen and Stag weekends or groups, providing luxury ‘unique’ group accommodation near a popular party city but set within a peaceful and private environment – it really gives the best of both worlds!

We want our groups to use and enjoy the space in our Bedroam Woods and get as creative as you like. If you are looking for a luxury glamping group stay near York, and fancy adding in some woodland group activities, then get in touch and we can help you to arrange the best package for your needs – we look forward to hearing from you!