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If you decide to make most of your hen do an outdoors affair, then make sure you have some of these games up your sleeve to get out when the sun shines.

Lawn twister
Get the spray paint out and play this game on the lawn. Use stencils to ensure your circles are as clear as possible.

Frozen t-shirt race
Freeze a couple of t-shirts in plastic bags to see who can defrost them and put them on the quickest. This is ideal for a particularly sweltering day in the summer.

Bean bag ladder toss
This simple game is perfect for adding some forfeits to. Simply toss the bean bags onto the rungs of the ladder, assigning each rung with a different type of forfeit. Go on, we dare you!

Picnic basket relay
Play this one just before lunch. Teams compete to see who can set up a picnic first. You can then race to see who can pack it all up quick enough to pass on to another team member.

Lemon jousting
This is a fun one. Get wooden spoons and see how long you can balance a lemon on the end of it. Then get competitive: can you knock a lemon off the end of your opponent’s spoon? Take it even more competitive by getting into teams.